1. The access to facility is allowed on weekdays and holidays from 09.00 am to 19.00 pm. Management reserves the right to extend the period and/or time of access or not to allow access to the beach, at its sole discretion, in case of overcrowding or for special security conditions. Access is permitted only upon presentation to the staff or the automatic readers at the turnstile of the appropriate personal entrance pass (season ticket or day ticket), which must be kept with you for the entire duration of your stay. In addition, the Management reserves the right to temporarily change the normal opening hours in conjunction with events and/or major events. The pass holder may not transfer the use of the cabin and/or umbrella station to third parties; it is also forbidden to move the equipment (chairs, loungers, deckchairs) from the assigned location. The cards issued to the subscriber may not be transferred to third parties.

  2. It’s not allowed to enter the facility with deckchairs or other “seatings” either with food or drinks introduced from outside. An inexpensive refreshment service has been provided, ensuring care and compliance with hygienic and sanitary standards in the preparation of food. It is strictly forbidden to use gas stoves and/or other fuel, and/or to light fires, both in the cabin and in the common areas, as well as to ban tables or banquets; fishing from land, of any species and with any type of gear, as well as cleaning or handling of any marine species (e.g.: seafood, octopus, shellfish, etc.) is prohibited. Offenders will be immediately reported to the local authorities (State Police and Coast guard).

  3. Pets and animals of any kind, except guide dogs, are not allowed.

  4. Baia Sangiorgio is a rock beach, so be very careful when entering and exiting the sea. If it is deemed necessary, you may ask our Lifeguards for help. Our docks are available for walking only and cannot be used as diving boards. On the beach, compliance with the rules of good manners and decency is required. Some areas may be cordoned off by staff as dangerous or slippery. Management accepts no responsibility for damage or injury caused by failure to follow signs or Staff instructions.

  5. Throwing litter of any kind, including cigarette butts, into the sea is explicitly prohibited. Offenders will be identified and reported to the relevant authorities. It is forbidden to damage or learn or attach any object to trees and plants in general.

  6. The parking is not guarded or under surveillance, so the Management disclaims any responsibility for any theft (including burglary) or damage. Vehicles are not allowed to drive in places other than the parking area located at the entrance. Access to the parking area is allowed only to vehicles of customers in possession of the appropriate ticket or pass.

  7. Bicycles of any kind, skates, scooters (electric and non-electric), chairs, tables, furniture, chests of drawers and/or equipment of any kind and size may not be brought into the facility. Large inflatable mattresses (e.g., INTEX) are also prohibited.

  8. Showers, in order to avoid waste, are regulated by a centralized management system. The cost of a single shower is €0.50. It is strictly forbidden by state law to use shampoo or products of any kind when using the showers located by the sea.

  9. Guests are responsible for objects deposited in the cabin or brought into the facility and any damage they may cause to persons or property. Inside the cabin itself it is forbidden to affix nails to the walls and/or furnishings , in case there is damage the holder must compensate for the disservice caused inside the cabin and in any case any damage caused to property, tools, equipment or facilities owned by the facility due to inexperience, wilful misconduct or gross negligence. Management, moreover, shall not be liable for items of any value left in the cabin. The Customer at the end of the subscription period, indicated in the subscription card, shall clear the cabin of any items belonging to him/her, in any case authorizing the management to remove such items from inside the cabin without any of its own responsibility and without prior notice. No claims for theft or tampering will be accepted. The holder authorizes the staff to inspect, internally, the cabin for safety and/or maintenance purposes.

  10. Locks for locking cabins must be those provided by the facility . No proprietary padlocks or locks may be used. Loss of the key will result in a charge of €10.00 for replacement of the lock.

  11. In case of strong winds, or otherwise adverse weather conditions, canvas umbrellas must be compulsorily closed, to ensure the safety of the pitch occupants.

  12. Access to areas marked by white and red tape and signs reading “AREA PERICOLOSA” is granted only to authorized personnel for safety reasons.

  13. Card playing, sports (soccer, volleyball, racquetball, etc.) and recreational activities, may be conducted at the designated areas. The consumption of food and beverages, even if purchased at the dining areas of the facility, is prohibited in the card-playing area .

  14. The umbrella on the beach, as well as the rented equipment, will be assigned by the management and will be shown and positioned by the staff. It is not permitted to move or relocate one’s equipment to another location or to the seashore. It is also forbidden to occupy, with equipment or beach towels, the corridors and spaces in front of the cabins that do not belong to you. Management is not liable for any theft or damage to personal items left unattended under the umbrella and inside the cabin.

  15. The pool is open from 09:00 to 13:00 and from 15:00 to 18:00. For access to the pool, it is mandatory, without exception , to wear a swimming cap as required by current hygiene regulations. Exempted from the obligation to wear a swimming cap are only those who show appropriate documentation attesting to the inability to use the cap for strictly medical reasons. Before entering the pool, it is mandatory to use the shower located at the entrance. It is not allowed to enter the water with creams and jewelry on. No responsibility is accepted for any damage to jewelry or personal items. Management reserves the right to change the times and access arrangements as needed and for safety reasons. Additional and possible arrangements will be posted at the pool entrance.

  16. For reasons beyond Baia Sangiorgio’s control (such as sudden adverse weather conditions), it is not possible to request a refund of purchased services, including entrance fees and car/motorcycle parking tickets.

  17. THE SUBSCRIPTION OR ACCESS TO THE FACILITY WITH A DAILY TICKET, ARE EQUIVALNT TO EXPRESS ACCEPTANCE OF THESE REGULATIONS. Upon the third warning for violation of any article of these regulations, badges will be disabled and all equipment withdrawn resulting in unilateral termination of the contract. MANAGEMENT RESERVES THE RIGHT, UNDER SUCH CIRCUMSTANCES, TO IMMEDIATELY EXPEL ANY OFFENDERS FROM THE PREMISE AT ITS SOLE DISCRETION.