A story that has lasted over 50 years!

The current San Giorgio, was once a small fishermen village known as the “Marina of Triggiano” because it was part of that municipality. The entrepreneurial spirit and love for the city of Bari of Dr. Michelangelo Interesse transformed a small port into a location known all over Europe. Dr. Michelangelo Interesse, very intuited realized pilot initiatives in the city. Among the many original initiatives we mention the Fair Trade (brilliant idea of the modern shopping mall), where all industry sectors were present and the Lido Marzulli, first seaside resort in the town of Bari, with restaurants, hotels, bars and other services.

It was in 1957 when Dr. Michelangelo Interest, after putting together 5 hectares of uncultivated land, inaugurated the “Villaggio Turistico San Giorgio”. During the years, Dr.M ichelangelo. Interesse has continued to improve the structure: The almost impassable/impracticable coast became a beach with a swimming pool, a wreck  turned into  a fully equipped restaurant, the fun of the children was a priority but without forgetting the adults.

Dr. Michelangelo Interesse did not create a structure just for his citizens, but among the first in Italy, wanted to create an international structure that, always connected to the traditions of his homeland, was in the forefront in welcoming tourists from all over the world .

“Trullari masters” were commissioned to build 5 Trulli in the structure, to show with pride to the many tourists arriving to the “International Camping San Giorgio” one of the main characteristics of our region.

Already in the first 60 years the structure had become a reference point for tourists who arriving in the city of Bari. The offer was very variegated: private beach, camping, restaurant, bar, church, shops, supermarket, games room , bungalows and trulli. Always in the forefront in his ideas, Dr. Michelangelo Interessel decided to add the sport to the activities of the Villaggio Turistico San Giorgio building two bocce courts and a skating rink.

The Villaggio Turistico Sportivo “San Giorgio” became a reference point for the lovers of hockey and skating track. In a city like Bari, you have to make the best use possible of a resource like the sea. Because of this conviction in 1966 Dr. Michelangelo Interesse began to construct what would become a yacht pavilion with an innovative water system for boats.

In 1973 the municipality of Bari, in view of the many   innovations he realized , conferred to Dr. Michelangelo    Interesse the gold medal for his merits about tourism. After the death of the Dot. Michelangelo Interesse, in 1988, the property was managed by a third part with ups and downs. In 2006, the property takes back the honor and the burden of direct management of the structure.  The structure revives a new life. The Villaggio Turistico Sportivo “San Giorgio” becomes a reference point for tourism and leisure time in Bari.

There are perhaps few places dedicated to tourism who can afford to celebrate their 50 years. Baia Sangiorgio it’s one of them. It is also here that the tourism of the Apulia territory has developped , it is here that the bones of St. Nicola landed, it is here that many generations have grown up. A birthday so important could not go unnoticed!

On July 26, 2007, to celebrate the ten decades, we decided to be surrounded by old customers, faithful friends, excellent partners. We wanted with us Father Bartlett, Rector of the Basilica of San Nicola, prof. Giorgio Otranto, dr. Vito Maurogiovanni that, with the skillful work of journalist Daniel Rotondo TG2, told us about these 50 years. Years devoted to tourism and leisure time during which people have changed and we therefore changed too.

We chose the best musical and theatrical performers, for helping us to make an effervescent pleasant evening. At the end, after so many gifts, handshakes, hugs and declarations of esteem, we have an awareness.

That 50 years didn’t pass in vain.